Taking influences from everything from Fela Kuti’s afro-funk, the heaviest, deepest Jamaican dub, raw tribal rhythms and modern day dance-floor sonic experimentalism, Asazi Space Funk Explosion's sound veers from heart-wrenching melodies to unhinged percussive work-outs to thumping, booty-shaking rock-out rhythms.

What explodes on stage is an inter-planetary mix of afro-celt space-funk lunacy, vibrant with a mélange of musical and cultural influences not attributable to any one place, time or solar system, but welcoming all with open arms to the dance.

Asazi Space Funk Explosion first came together in the summer of 2003 in a darkened basement in London’s Camden. A combination of South African Kholeho “Asazi” Mosala’s rabble-rousing vocals and traditional percussion, and UK-born Alex Marten’s spacey, dubbed-out keys and skanking guitar fx, they initially played a string of gigs in North London with a motley ever-changing crew of rhythm sections, cobbled together from some of the best session and gigging musicians in London at the time.

In 2006, they moved up to Edinburgh where they recruited Caz Anthony, a trained jazz drummer naturally tuned to the crazed syncopations of the Asazi sound, and Andy Farina, a stalwart bassist on the Edinburgh scene. Blending traditional African vocal stylings and marimba (wooden xylophone) with cutting edge 21st century sounds and a tight, funked up rhythm section, this was when they came into their own. A string of legendary, packed-out gigs at Edinburgh’s Jazz Bar, Bongo Club, Left Bank, Outhouse, Forest Café and at the Knockengorroch Festival in Dumfriesshire brought them a new fan-base, not quite sure what they were hearing but wanting more of this strange, other-worldly funk and of Asazi’s powerful, magnetic personality and irresistible, treacle-rich voice.

Asazi Space Funk Explosion… this is revolution.



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